D Cut Nonwoven Bag

  • Double Color Printing 1 Rs Per Pc Both side Print
  • Minimum Quantity 100 kg
  • Size Available: 10×14, 12X16, 14X18, 16X20,
  • 50 Gsm
  • 160 Rs per Kg ( 18% GST EXTRA )

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What are non woven bags?
nonwoven bag is manufactured using any other material that is not woven. The product can be produced mechanically, chemically or thermally. Nonwoven fabric is also made from fibres. However, the fibres are entangled together through whatever process is applied to them, as opposed to being woven together.
How non woven bags are eco friendly?
The first reason why non woven bags and paper bags are environmentally friendly is the fact that they are made from recycled materials. … However since they are recyclable means that they cause little or no pollution and thus is great for our environment.


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